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About Us

Empowering African youth to develop and establish successful businesses.

1Africa Inc. is being founded to address a number of injustices that Paul Kato, the founder, perceives to hold back young African entrepreneurs. Namely, the lack of capital for young Africans to pursue their dreams, lack of vision and focus from the general populace due to insufficient care or nurturing, governmental hurdles that do not encourage the entrepreneurial spirit, and the suppression that has been brought to bear on the African mentality from years of abuse and disinformation.


1Africa Inc is taking a multi-prong approach to establishing viable businesses in Africa. The company is based in Accra, Ghana and will seek to expand into other West African countries.


It is established as an incubator designed to empower African youth to develop and establish successful businesses that meets .

Meet the 1Africa Incorporated Team


Paul Kato


Paul Kato is the founder and President of Kato International Academy in Nigeria. He also founded the Kato Enterprise group which manages a group of Short Term Lease homes in the United States. He is a strong believer in the premise that if young African entrepreneurs are given the opportunity to succeed they will be successful in changing the fortunes and narrative of Africa.


Paul has been a professional soccer player, high school teacher, and a multimedia expert. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business/Economics and a Masters in Educational Technology. He resides in Michigan, USA.


Paul Kato
Technical Director, Nigeria Rush
President, Kato International Training Academy (KITA)
Phone: (517)449-1016


Benjamin Bature

Vice President - Finance

Benjamin Bature is a Nigerian by birth, African by culture, and human by nature. An aircraft engineer specialized in helicopters and the rotary-wing and presently based in the economic capital of the biggest African Nation Nigeria.

Having Schooled in the eastern European block, he chose to still come back and plant his roots in Africa. He has a passion for children and the youth and is presently starting up a workspace for the youth in His local community in Northern Nigeria to hone their potentials in the tech and arts industry.


Alex Okyere

Vice President - Personnel

Alex Okyere is a strong advocate of youth empowerment. He has been a leader of various youth origination including being the president of National Union of Ghana student president, Kyiv Chapter , Ukraine for two terms.

He holds a Master’s degree in Gas Compressors and Turbine station and currently a self-taught sales and marketing. He runs marketing conference for small scale business in sales and customer satisfaction and digital marketing.


Jebo Bature

Vice President - Multimedia

Jebo Bature is a well-experienced filmmaker with over sixteen years of active practice around the African continent, with early career changing experiences with such structured organization like Viacom-MTV production to pioneering the set up and production of the longest running Television series on the content - Tinsel (An MNet original production), and also serving as technical broadcast operations manager for the biggest show on the content (Big Brother Naija)

Jebo Bature has worked with Multichoice at various capacities both as a channel head and currently as Manager Media operations (Media processing, traffic, and studio operations) and currently working on cloud computing integration for television productions and other cloud solutions through AWS cloud.

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