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There is a growing desire for Africans and those of African descent in the diaspora to return home. These "global nomads" have a deep desire to return to their roots; where perhaps they feel a certain level of comfort, deep yearning for development and growth.


But there are considerations that can be rather daunting. The considerations such as stability, standards of living, creature comforts from their present stage of life.  It is difficult for them to continue their busy schedules abroad as well as navigate a transition into their homeland.


1Africa is in the business of assisting in this important transitional period. From acquiring transportation to housing; from introducing a new comer to the continent to presenting Africa in its true form. While the scope of 1Africa’s scope is presently narrow, and limited in scope to West Africa, it has a vision of expanding its influence beyond the current businesses. It will seek to be an ambassador of Africa and African ingenuity beyond its borders.


Mission Statement

1Africa Inc. is a company established as an incubator designed to empower African youth to develop and establish successful businesses.

Rideshare services

Our goal is to help individuals manage and run their own successful businesses. We provide the driver a car that they can use to rideshare on a "rent to own" basis. With the objective of allowing the driver to eventually become their own  independent contractor. 


From hands-on creative work to practical story telling, our objective is to tell the African story as seen and dictated by the African.  We want to ensure that the world understands the nuances and complexities of what it means to be of African descent.  

Short term Rentals

1Africa was founded with the primary reason of developing like minded entrepreneurs who share a passion for traveling and exploring. Our objective is to encourage our followers the opportunity to taste, first-hand, the experience of Africa in an environment that also caters to their personal needs.

salvaged cars

The cost of fixing automobiles in the western world at times outweighs the benefits due to the higher cost in labor, or national restrictions. 1Africa will look to provide reliable, affordable cars for the average African by leveraging the lower cost of labor in the African market; while providing employment for the mechanics in the local market.


Contact Us

Accra, Ghana


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