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Our Work

OneAfrica Inc is taking a multi-prong approach to establishing viable businesses in Africa. The company will based in Ghana and will seek to expand into other west African countries. There will four prongs to these efforts.

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Rideshare Services

The company will grow the fleet of available cars to 10 cars in 3 years; in which drivers will be contracted to offer rideshare services as needed. A special twist to this theme will be the effort to reach out to companies and out of country customers that will need a driver for day/week or month.

Multimedia Production

First is the need to promote our brand. This will include but not limited to creating our website, promotional materials, and multimedia presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. This wing of OneAfrica will also solicit work from other sectors and brands that may need multimedia services also.

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Airbnb Housing

Acquisition of properties to be established as Airbnbs in and around Ghana with plans to expand beyond Ghana to all of west Africa.

Project Salvaged Cars

The purchase and shipping of damaged cars that are often discarded in the United States due to insurance complications, high cost of labor, or other societal differences. These cars will be shipped and worked in in Ghana and then either resold or included in our fleet of rideshare cars.

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